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What is a Professional Shareholder, and the reasons for using this service?

Professional Shareholders are usually required by clients seeking legitimate confidentiality of ownership. The shares in the company are formally registered in the name of an unrelated third party – a professional, provided by us. It would usually be another corporate body (a company), wholly owned by ourselves, incorporated solely for this purpose and all details of the true beneficial owner of the offshore company would remain strictly confidential

The Professional Shareholder is not the legal owner of the shares, and the underlying investors have the beneficial interest in the shares: i.e. they are entitled to all income and capital gains on them.

The professional shareholder simply shields and protects the client during any possible public inquiry from showing up as the owner of the company. Thus, the client is formally distanced from his offshore company at the ownership level. At the same time, the client can prove himself as the owner of the company whenever he chooses, by way of producing the supporting confidential documentation that is provided by us on taking the service

Are there any risks in using a Professional Shareholder?

On appointment as Professional Shareholder, you will be issued with a ‘Professional Shareholder Agreement’ which clearly sets out the true beneficial owners of the company, stating that our professional holds your shares on trust. Our Professional Shareholders Agreement would serve the purpose of ensuring that your identity as beneficial owner is only known to us and not put on public record at the Company’s Registry.

An original Share Transfer form signed by us, but undated, will be issued to you, so that you can have the security of being able to transfer the shares at any time you choose.

Joint Professional Director & Professional Shareholder Service

By taking advantage of our professional services for both Professional Director and Professional Shareholder, all officers of an Offshore Company can be assured that they have achieved complete company anonymity.

Whenever we act in a professional capacity, full safeguards are put in place to guarantee management and ownership is retained by the customer, who can rest assured that we work with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality

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